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Saturday, December 21, 2013

DUCKING Brilliant!

A lot has been said and written about the comments made by Phil Robertson, Patriarch to the Duck Dynasty clan who has the most popular Reality TV Show in the history of the genre.

For those of you who don't know the Robertson family are Christians and the show has always been very upfront about that. They pray at the dinner table and talk of God and Jesus is common place.

Phil was quoted in the latest GQ Magazine expressing his Christian views on a wide variety of subjects including Sin and what that means to a Christian. In doing so he made statements that particularly when they are taken out of context can be taken to sound hateful and intolerant. It is critical here my friends to get the article in GQ and READ IT, in it's entirety. Having read the entire interview which comes across as playful and is my opinion (an opinion, BTW that does NOT always agree with what Phil Robertson says and believes)that Robertson was simply stating a traditional, Southern Conservative Christian point of view and certainly was not trying to incite hate or intolerance. The truth is quite the opposite...really, he was expressing a basic, Christian belief about Sin, Eternal life and LOVE. Love being the key element here...

But this is not really my field of expertise but I do see Political Correctness running Amok here with A&E suspending Mr Robertson INDEFINITELY  (permanently?) though their major advertisers such as Under Armor and others such as Walmart have come out in support of Phil's right to express his belief's. 

I believe GLAD (Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders) has used their very powerful and visible lobby to BULLY many individuals, corporations and organizations in the past as if to punish people they simply disagree with using Lies, out of context quotations, scare tactics and disinformation, so far out of proportion with the TRUTH that it often destroys careers, business's and lives. 

This brings me to the point of this piece. There was nothing that Robertson said in the GQ interview that he hadn't stated HUNDREDS of times before in a multitude of speaking engagements and sermons. The difference is that this time he picked an International audience in GC. And yes I  wrote "he picked" because I think it is possible that he intentionally picked this place and GC Magazine to throw himself under the bus and make a stand for what he believes in. He is much too intelligent to not have know the consequences of making such statements in that magazine. He is intelligent enough to know that these actions on his part will create a politically correct firestorm bringing unprecedented attention to the beliefs of Christians...still a majority of people in America today. It will also force A&E, Sponsors, Fans and viewers to make a choice...In his mind it is an Eternal Life-saving Choice. the alternative to him is nothing short of eternal damnation.

And take a quick look at the ruckus he has brought forth by doing so. This has been the lead story in the news for nearly a week now. Millions of people have weighed in with their opinion, including Politicians and the rich & famous.

What an extraordinary act of courage on his part. He has forced the A&E network to make a choice as well as many in the media, big business and around water coolers all over the United States. It will be fascinating to see how this all turns out.

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