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Monday, December 23, 2013

My Dear Friend, EP

As one lives long enough in this life of ours...there are rare times that perhaps we are fortunate enough to meet someone whose mere appearance in our life CHANGES us forever for the better. They are the Shining Stars of Humanity, touching others with their wisdom, kindness grace and blunt, honest nature.

Evelyn Pierce was one of those people in my life. We met rather late in life, she being nearly 90 and I was approaching 50. At first glance we had absolutely NOTHING in common. Yet that couldn't have been further from the truth.

I have written here that I just in recent years became a Christian...Evelyn has been one all of her life. It was her encouragement, grace and good nature that allowed me to organize and run a Bible Reading Group at the Assisted Living Home that she just recently moved into.

Just a few short weeks after becoming a Christian...I got this outrageous idea that I should volunteer to read the Bible to people out loud. It was an impossibly brave if not crazy idea since just a mere month before I was by my own description....a God HATER as well as a Christian Hater. By what right had I to come in to this peaceful place and read the Bible to strangers for an hour each and every Saturday morning after breakfast.

Shortly after I visited the place with my friend and Pastor Shayne to speak with the activities director and got permission to go forward I got major case of COLD FEET. I was convinced I was out of my mind and frankly many friends thought so as well.

This is when Evelyn, who I had never met before asked me to stop by her room the coming Saturday morning a few minutes early...she wanted to pray for me. I was flabbergasted yet I didn't have the heart to tell her I was going to chicken out. So I stopped by that Saturday morning and every Saturday morning after that when I read. 

I really got to know her and she really taught me about living a spiritual life. This woman who had been reading the Bible her entire life and could still read never missed a reading. I know she came solely to support our reading ministry. And it flourished to my amazement.

Early this morning Evelyn went home to meet her God and nobody I know that knows her is sad about that...we are all so very happy for her. She lost her husband decades ago and tonight they are together.

The tears we cry today are for ourselves because we are no longer fortunate enough to be able to spend time with her. But how blessed we are for knowing her. 

So long for now Mrs. P....I'll never forget you.

Photo: Kathy Tomson

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