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Monday, December 16, 2013


 Winter has set upon us with quite an intensity of purpose...that's for sure. It isn't unusual for us to get cold and snow, long before Christmas-Time but having solid ice for Ice-Fishing, constant temps in the Teens Fahrenheit and now about 6-8" of nice fluffy powder on the ground is a bit more then is typical for us here in Central, Southern Michigan.

I am one who embraces having Four distinct Seasons...I love them each for their uniqueness and their beauty. I tend to see them as the personification of life's continuous cycle.

I have often posted on Maya Angelo's poem "Late October"  because I think it treats Autumn the way I have always seen it....a time of renewal and rejuvenation. A dying time, necessary of course to make room for the inevitable RE-Birth of Spring..then Summer.

Winter as I see it is the Hibernation Time...the dormant re-charging of life's natural batteries time. I also see Winter as the time for is the "School of Life's" great "Recess Time"...time to play, to frolic and roll in the snow. Mainly because Winter and the snow and the work that accompany's it is definitely not is too much balls out manual labor and even romping around in it like a 6 year old had lost it's luster. 

The video above is pianist George Winston playing the song "JOY" of his album: "December"....the song reminds me every time I hear it of my two children long, long, ago playing with our 3 German Shepard's in a heavy snowfall at the century's old farmhouse we were restoring Called: "The House On The HILL". That memory will always take me back to that much simpler time. thoughts are obviously wandering a bit tonight as I am feeling sentimental about the season's and Winter in particular.

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