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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Another Kick In The TEETH, Yet I'll Keep Smiling!

To say when it rains it pours in my life would just repeating another cheesy cliche....or would it? Because it sure does seem like it applies to my life.

I went to see an orthopedic surgeon yesterday to have him check out my left knee which has been bothering me for a really long time, especially since I am unable to use the other leg so all the pressure is on that sore knee. Verdict: I have a torn cartilage that will require surgery to repair...go F-ing FIGURE,eh?!

In my heart I knew I had a torn Meniscus (cartilage)...and I figured I would have to have it repaired. But still, the reality of it began to set  and I started to feel a bit snake-bitten again...It felt once again like a major set-back. Here we go again...if it can go wrong then it WILL go wrong.

Yet somehow, deep inside the negative feelings were not taking charge. I began to think that in the realm of the bigger picture this latest discovery was in fact no big deal. The reality is that arthritis has set in and has really progressed. Truth be told I could need a full left knee replacement right now. It is obvious that I am going to need one some day...more then likely in both knees and both hips. But not needing to face that issue right now is a huge positive.

After letting the Docs words settle in a bit I asked if there would be any benefit from  receiving a cortisone shot. He said typically it might only be a few week benefit but from my point of view that is exactly what I needed so we went ahead and did it.

I am glad we did because even after 36 hours I feel some took the edge off for sure.

So now I have to verify the diagnosis with an MRI (scheduled for 1-6-2014) and then wait. I obviously cannot have this knee fixed until I can walk on my other leg. Obviously with the kind of physical life I have lead, finding out that certain joints and body parts are wearing out should not really be a surprise.

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