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Monday, November 12, 2012

Exhaustion Isn't Slacking OFF (Not 'Round These Parts Anyhow!)

I typically post more often then I have lately and I wasn't quite sure why that was. Not that the answer would be particularly earth shattering or anything but it seemed strange to me since I have been alive and living during this period of SILENCE. So what gives?!

So typical of me this won't be a simple easy never is, since I always seem to be the exception to to the rules or react differently to things then the majority.

Fatigue plays a role...sure it does and although I am often sleep deprived it will definitely still dull the edge and the desire to write away from me.

I currently am totally bogged-down with the issues that are affecting K-Sue these days. And though it is understandable to want to try and be compassionate and understanding about her difficulties, it's becomes self-defeating when it begins to over-take your own sense of responsibility, then begins to erode the quality of one's own life away. And that has certainly happened. 

I cannot recall a single day of my life since last FEBRUARY (that's right 10 freaking MONTHS ago!) where I haven't been worn down and pre-occupied with the issues and obstacles affecting her ability to make the transition to living here. 

Some times that is what it takes when you care about somebody and they are making huge changes in their life. I was not naive about the multitude of challenges facing her when this all started and I fully supported then and still do now her decision to turn her entire world around. 

She had no real choice if she wanted a crack at living a REAL life, full of love, respect and following her beliefs by abiding by them instead of a life of daily living in violation of them. And I couldn't think of anywhere else I wanted to be then right there helping her find freedom and self respect for the first time in her entire life. 

And though things can get a little hairy now and again...she is making it work.

Today she was hired in with full benefits at the company where she has worked as a temp for the last 3 months...Way to GO, Babe!!   

So to get back to the original point of this post, I suppose it is understandable that I am not posting as often as I isn't from lack of experiences...NOPE! It's from the fact that when it comes right down to it, I's rather take a crack at getting  a little sleep then spending that time posting on the blog.

For you long time readers as well as any new folks to THE SHOCK...hang in there with me...this too shall pass and I'll be blathering about just like I always do in no time flat!

PHOTO: Kathy Tomson


  1. It happens to all of us, we will all be here. Don't worry.

    1. Ian...I really appreciate that, particularly coming from you.

      I can't tell you how impressed I've been with the latest transition you've been living through after getting so seriously injured back in Manchester. It is refreshing these days to get positive news and feedback, such as the transformation in the relationship w/your Mum. I really have enjoyed reading your posts lately...they're wonderful!

  2. Thank you so much.

    Things are going really well. I have been living back home for the last 3 weeks and its just being going strength to strength.

    Thank you again for your kind words.