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Thursday, November 1, 2012

BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS...(For The Pure Pleasure Of It)

There have always been times in my life when I wished I wasn't quite so....INTENSE. I wish I could brush things off the way some folks do and just "deal with it tomorrow" instead of always having to get at it RIGHT NOW. It is my personality I realize and for the most part, those basic core personality traits are not really going to change much. Frankly this is the way I am and if truth be told....I really wouldn't want it any other way...I'm intense, so freakin' WHAT, that's me. It can make for a wild ride sometimes through life but it's REAL, it's sincere/genuine and it is 100% thormoo.

So I'm basically un-repentant about being hardcore and intense about stuff...heck I can be intense about getting to CHURCH ON TIME...that's just plain NUT'S...isn't it?!! Ask K-Sue..she'll tell you it's NUTS!!!

This past Spring (2012) I was at the MAYO CLINIC in Rochester, MN for 10 days of testing for a mysterious stomach ailment and several other major health issues. One of the tests they did involved taking my vital signs like my pulse for example in the various stages of activity from full blown cardio-exercise to fully resting while asleep. My resting heart rate average was 109 beats per minute! If I would check it now, as I sit and write I suspect it would be in the 115-20 range.

It's funny but I feel calm as can be...I rarely feel anxious because of my heart-rate. This is the way that I am and it's normal. A heart rate like this would have some people literally bouncing off of walls and ceilings...shoot it would probably KILL some folks but it is the way I always have been so I don't know any other way.

For the sake of my so-called health I have tried to relax, to take it easy...I ended feeling MORE STRESSED OUT that way! No kidding...

So this is me and moving at 100 MPH is just the way I'm built. I don't look like much...It is like I have the body of an old rusted out 1992 Ford F-150 but the engine of a Ferrari burning inside, haha! It certainly can make for some interesting scenarios.....

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