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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Well another Presidential Election has come and gone....Though I am not able to look into the future (at least not most of the time) I pretty much predicted how this election ended up. The fact of the matter is that it is just plain hard to unseat the incumbent in a Presidential Election. Even so....It was pretty close as far as these things go.

I have mentioned before that I live in a household that holds more then one generation of my family and this includes my Mother/Father. Dad religiously watches Fox News from 7-11p every week day and most other days as well. Needless to say he is a staunch Republican and my Mum is too though I often think it is somewhat by default. My folks are in their late 70's and mid 80's and they are set in their ways which is understandable.

Well they were completely shocked by the outcome of the election and my father had gotten frustrated with me earlier in the week when I cautioned him against too much optimism, IE: Trusting the information he was hearing on Fox News. He told me angrily that I was just being negative and critical because I was a born cynic and naturally disagreeable. Nope...I just choose to gather my facts using more then one information or news source and I don't take someone else's word for it...I try and use the brain God gave me and verify things for myself. 

And that is a problem I see more of in our Cable News Television dominated world. Since all the information they received about the Election came from FN...well it was tainted and obviously slanted toward the right and in my opinion it was also overly optimistic about the outcome and sensationalistic about how the world would end if Obama was re-elected. Both of my parents are college grads and Pawps also has a Graduate Degree from Purdue, they are not ignorant people...just a little too trusting of the media they choose to get their news from. And this is a common problem I see today...

I still think ultimately that the individual has to be responsible for gathering the facts for themselves...sure, watch the news but watch or read from a variety of sources. Internet blogs (even this one) are NOT News sources folks! Funny how so many folks take Internet Info or stuff from an email as fact.

I think many people were mislead by the press on both sides of the political fence...again there is no better reason to check out the facts for yourselves. I found it rather easy to wade through the BS and find the is not that difficult. But I must say I do feel a twinge of sadness that millions of senior Citizens thought the world had turned upside down because they really expected a change in the White house based on all the Malarkey being spread on F NEWS.

Frankly I am glad it's over...I found the whole election process tiresome, undignified and frankly was a gigantic LYING CONTEST....The Best and BIGGEST freaking LIAR Wins. And that is the way we elect Presidents in America these days and that is what happened. I think both candidates lied, I have no doubt that they did but something I find particularly disturbing is the Benghazi Lies and cover-up.

I think it is pretty clear that the Government knew the 

Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens was in serious, mortal danger in our Embassy which is American Territory by International Law. It is now known that there were drones flying over the scene the entire time, providing real time video, the President knew exactly what was happening right away and watched it. We easily could have had troops there in a few hours yet after 9 hours of continuous attack by terrosits, help has still not even been summoned and as a result...4 Americans died. 

Now that the Election is over, I think it will become clear that the US Government,  through our Libyan Ambassador Stevens were selling weapons to Libyan "Freedom Fighters" to over-throw Muammar Qaddafi. The only problem was that they were al-Qaeda Operatives...and there is evidence that these are the very same group of men who planned and carried out this attack on our Embassy.

What am I suggesting here? That the reason President Obama and our Government did not help those men in Libya is they wanted the Ambassador to DIE to silence him....and they got their wish. See the President has set himself up as the man who single handedly crippled al-Qaeda by killing Osama bin Laden. It would have looked simply ridiculous if it turned out that his government was selling arms to that very same al_Qaeda organisation. 

They didn't want the Government Officials in Libya to they let them die. Far fetched you say  Nobody would do such a thing...really? You're woefully NAIVE then...this kind of stuff happens all the time we just never hear of it...that is our reality today in this Big Bad WORLD we live in. Our County's Leaders LIE to us every day...I'm nearly numb to it at this point because it happens so frequently.

Now let us see if the country can truly begin to heal from the anger and mistrust created by this bitter election...I think it isn't likely to happen any time soon. The whole thing makes me sick...


  1. I'm glad as well Thom. All politicians are liars, but I have a hard time with Obama... particularly for the reason that you mentioned here.
    I've about had my fill of Facebook as well. I'd love to reach right through my computer and slap some of them. My step son posted, "Wow, the sun still came up". I don't think that he realizes that some things were lost in the election that will never be re-gained. I felt that his post was just his way of mocking those of us who fear for where this country is headed. I decided that I will no longer post on FB.

    1. I'm not ready to give up on it...I guess I've accepted that when we vote we choose the lesser of the EVILS. Elections are serious business but I'm not sure that there was as much at stake as some people (Fox News) wants us to believe. This is a rough time in the world right now and a very hard time for our country. Fiscally we more then likely are headed for a catastrophe if certain policies CAN be implemented...but that is not going to be an easy task with an angry and belligerent majority in the HOUSE. You think they were hard to work with will be much worse now.