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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I don't know why I do such things...just like I don't completely understand why music has such incredibly deep meaning to me that I would drop everything I am doing to sit virtually comatose for nearly 2 hours absorbing every note like a sponge...but that is exactly what's happened to me tonight. 

It is obvious to me that music is and always has been the life's blood of my very soul and that is in addition to also being the soundtrack of a life...namely: MINE. So that probably explains why I periodically find the need to just completely immerse or encase myself in sound...shutting out all other distractions until I seemingly come back to life with my Soul's Blood thoroughly & completely rejuvenated. 

More often then not, it is solely the music of one particular band that I will listen to and it is typically the band I find myself listening to the most right now anyway. That is just my way...I tend to focus on an artist and pretty much listen to them until I have completely exhausted myself on every aspect of them and their least for the time being. This often can take time as in several months before I tire of a certain band .

Currently that band has been an old favorite: PEARL JAM. I have been basically listening to nothing but PJ for several months now. I have been helped in this endeavor by the fact that Sirius/XM Radio has a PEARL JAM RADIO Channel. They basically feature one live show after another and I am hooked.

I am not sure exactly what prompted this Musical "SOUL SESSION" with Pearl Jam but I have really been feeling lop-sided emotionally...translated I suppose that means I am feeling out of balance or not even f**king close to balanced, he he.

I will break from tradition and NOT post the YouTube Video's here but instead list the songs and if you feel up to it you may track them down yourself...

I think listing the titles says a great deal about "The State Of My (Personal) UNION". So Here they are:

CRAZY MARY (Cover: Victoria Williams)
CROWN OF THORNS (Cover: Mother Love Bone)
HUNGER STRIKE (Cover: Temple Of The Dog)

Now it's probably time for someone to call the folks with the nice big truck with the wonderful little men in their nice white coats and super big syringes to take me home to a nice soft place....FOREVER.

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