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Saturday, February 13, 2010

What was I thinking?

After a cheesy, over produced opening of the Winter Olympics that pretty much pandered to NBC, I was already feeling uncomfortable. In my opinion, it was embarrassingly patronizing of the native peoples of Canada/N. America. On that point alone, I would have been having second thoughts about my previous blog going on and on about how wonderful the games are. That would have been enough all by itself, probably for me to reconsider my glowing me idealism. But even before that pathetic performance, a man lost his life during Luge PRACTICE on a course that a majority of the competitors who use it (Luge, Skeleton, Luge) said was dangerously fast and bordering on unsafe. Turns out the debate on the course's safety has been going on for awhile yet I hadn't really heard it mentioned before yesterday. And I do read the Olympic related coverage in the sports pages, on the net and see it on ESPN. Not a word about it...until someone dies.

Even then the Olympic Committee tried to poo poo it.The president of the IOC Jacques Rogge responded to a question about what they are going to do to make it safer for the competition by saying "I would be ready to debate or deliberate with you at the proper time but I'm sorry, this is the time for sorrow. It is not the time to look for reasons that it happened". Uh, when is the time then, considering  full blown competition on that track begins this morning and athletes from all over the world will be running down it at speeds approaching 90 MPH!? So is the time to look for the reason it happened and ....I know this is a stretch, actually FIX it after someone else dies?! Or do 2 more people have to die or is it one dies, two are critically injured. Or 2 are killed, 1 almost dies but is paralyzed and 2 spectators are hit by flying athletes (that is what happened, the man flew out of the track and hit a metal pole) and are injured?! What does it take for gods sake?

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