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Monday, February 8, 2010

Old geezers rock!

Who?....The Who, That's who. Rock N Roll band from the UK 'ya know, came to America right after the Beatles. Well, they are still around, albeit a short handed version having lost two members over the last 3 decades.

Well, they were one of my favorite bands growing up and their music is still quite meaningful to me to this very day. So I happened to really be looking forward to the Super Bowl Halftime show featuring them last night in Miami. Honestly, I've wanted to mock those over-done, over-hyped affairs but lately they have had an incredible list of performers: Bruce Springsteen last year, Mick Jagger, U2, Tom Petty just to name a few the last few years. And they have been pretty good I have to admit. So I was pumped to see The Who.

Oh my God was it awful. They just can't perform their own music any more live. I give them a lot of credit for getting up there and giving it their best but time has taken it's toll. What makes it so bad is that those songs they played are wonderful examples of some of the best, classic rock n roll of all time. Thoughtful, semi-complex, melodic and frankly were never easy to re-produce outside of a studio. I know that not having their original drummer and bass player  has to hurt them but frankly the other musicians playing with them were not the issue last night.

Singer Roger Daltrey is 66 yrs old and time has ravaged his voice. And that once amazingly powerful voice was a critical part of those songs. Guitarist Pete Townsend showed that he can still play just as well if not better then he always has...But, his tendency to try and sing back up on just about every song was distracting to say the least. His timing was off and he was frequently out of tune. 

It was still good to see and a lot of critics are raving about their performance this morning on TV but I didn't see that myself last night. And the halftime show isn't supposed to be the focal point anyway....And for me it wasn't. The game was fantastic and the whole show was great.

So Football season is over for another year...always kind of a weird time for this particular FB guy. Sure I have basketball but it's not the same. I guess I'll have to just listen to some music to pass the time. Some Who perhaps? 

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