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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feeling lousy, thank you....

Hey, I fought the good fight. All winter long I had remained healthy: no sniffles, coughs, colds, fevers...not even a sinking spell as my Grandmother would say. The last five days have been fairly miserable, if I do say so myself. I still managed to function for the most part but did miss a day of work, today as a matter of fact. I couldn't avoid it and I wasn't going to go out in this lousy, cold and wet, windy winter day and set back all the progress I had made up to this point. Hunker down, drink lots of fluids, sleep, eat (no problem there, it was stomach flu thank god!!) and rest. None of this is easy...I don't sit still very easily...even when reading a good book. I am constantly up, then down then will move over there then over here, etc., etc.....staying in one place, staying calm, relaxing for me is very hard. It almost hurts to be so nuts, I know but how true it is.

I have recently lived in fear of getting ill because I have no health insurance. What a terrible feeling it was to realize this sore throat , fever and cough weren't going away any time soon. I just hoped it wouldn't need a doctors treatment and that the remedy for this ailment was time and rest. So far, so good. I self-purchased it for 17 months but at $388 month that was much more then I could afford. It was lousy, bottom of the barrel BCBS to boot. When I needed it like for knee surgery it would only pay a small %, what a rip off. 

I am in the unique position to view this whole debate about health insurance and I have to admit...even though I would love to have it right now, government sponsored, whatever...this just doesn't seem like a good answer to our countries health care issues. It has nothing to do with my pride....if it was a reasonable and fair program I'd do it but I don't believe it is. So I'll continue to go on waiting for the other shoe to drop, day after freaking day.....

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