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Friday, February 19, 2010

So sick....

I don't care. I really don't..I never did. The man is a golfer and a very good golfer at that. Probably the best professional golfer there has ever been. Sure,I admire that fact...achievement in one's field of endeavor, even if that happens to be golf is something that impresses me. Hard work, perseverance, dedication, all that matters to me and should be appreciated. What he did and does in his personal life means absolutely nothing to me, it really doesn't even register. I admire him as an athlete not as a person so why would it be important to me? It astounds me how affected some people seem to be by the travails of Tiger Woods. Well sort of...

Just because someone hired him to advertise and sell their products this torrid affair shit is important to every human being on the planet? Every TV Station in America gave him 15 minutes of live air time to him because we should be interested in what he does in his personal life? I couldn't disagree more. If anyone other then his wife and family should be concerned it's those businesses who decided to tie their business fortunes to the image of a human being, that was just plain dumb. Last I humans are a flawed entity. We fuck up...constantly, it's part of our nature and we are really good at it. We are not perfect...will never, ever, ever be perfect. Anyone who believed differently is an idiot or seriously outta touch with reality.

Tiger Woods is human....he screwed everyone over who bought his gig that he led a perfect life. It was a joke from the start....anyone could see his image was completely manufactured...hell he even looked like a robot...except when he played golf. That is his gift...his thing. He attempted to control the itself and human nature! Life tends to have a mind (and sense of humor)all it's own. Nothing works the way it is supposed to or we want it to.

I hope we've seen the end of the media sharks snapping at all the tawdry chum in the water but we shouldn't count on it. The way Journalists justify their profession as some sort of sacred truth seeking is enough to make me vomit. They want to generate $$, that is all it's about, that is all it's ever about in our society today, "revenue making news". They have no true "right" to ask for answers to these most personal types of questions between a man and his wife. In my opinion, He owes us nothing....

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