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Friday, February 5, 2010

I'd probably rot....

I really had a frightening experience last night. I was at work, had just gotten off the phone and as I was trying to explain something to a co-worker I went completely numb. It sort of felt like I was about to faint, I was nauseous but also I could barely move and struggled to talk. It was one of the freakiest moments I've ever had. My lips moved but nothing would come out. I thought I was having a stroke but at the same time I was so....calm, it was frighteningly weird.

It turned out that I was reacting to taking a new medication on an empty stomach but for a while there I thought I was seeing the end. It was one of the most helpless feelings I have ever4 had. In hindsight it all seems a bit silly but it didn't at the time. Weird too was the reaction of my co-workers....I could have died right there on the floor and they were just going about their business. Only one guy seemed concerned..Jeez, my boss was like. "dude, is something wrong", "Huh, eyes are just rolling back in my head, I can't talk, I'm shaking all over, I'm going to puke right there on the floor and then pass out. Other then that, I'm doing great!!".

In all fairness, it wasn't that dramatic and I'm sure it was hard for them to tell what was going on but to a certain degree they can be a bit oblivious around there about things that don't directly concern them. Perhaps it's  youth, who knows. All I know is I definitely don't want to have a real medical emergency there cause you definitely would die before anyone would notice. Hell my corpse would probably rot before someone realized something was wrong..."Hey dude, Thom's been awful quiet the last few weeks....".


  1. for the record i think dougie would notice within just a few min when his deliveries started to come up late. I apologize if i did not notice or show concerm all i seen was you had said you felt faint.

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  3. Chris,

    Hey I didn't mean anything by it...I'm just having a little fun. There was nothing anyone could have done...I couldn't really say what was happening. That experience scared the hell out of me, it really did. I thought I was having a stroke...the Doc thought that could be it at first as well but I got checked out and it turned out OK. Needless to say I'm back on my usual stomach medication and I think we'll run with that for awhile...Sorry if I offended anyone.

  4. nah no offense taken man i just like to think of myself as a little more observant than i guess i am. i just felt the need to post a response apologizing for my lack of knowing what the hell is going on around me been way out of it lately. either way glad you are ok strokes are not anything to play around with so glad it was just minor medicine reaction.