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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hey Man, It Could Be YOU!!

I will just come right out and write it....for the first time in the nearly 3 years I have been writing Shell Shock I am having trouble writing posts. I am not sure if it's writer's block...(could be but I don't think so) or the fact that I don't have anything to say. I am NOT buying that one either.

I think know my inability to sleep is making writing very difficult if not impossible...the desire and subject matter is there but I cannot focus or concentrate (or stay awake!!) long enough to put in into any format that is coherent enough to make sense to others.

The temptation is there to just bag the blog for awhile until I can write decently because some of the posts are embarrassing because of the many mistakes and inconsistencies

But every time I seriously consider that option I remember why I wrote the blog in the first place: To capture the day to day life of a person in recovery from addiction and sexual assault...Obviously the inability to sleep and crappy writing are two things that come with the territory.

So I am going to soldier on...what ELSE would those of you who know me expect me to do, eh?!

I am sorry that the blog is suffering some right now but I suspect things will turn around so if you can, just hang in there a bit longer. If anything you can laugh at my silly, sleepless mistakes....go ahead I won't be offended! And you can also be thankful each and every day  that this isn't happening to YOU!

Painting: SLEEPLESS by FlyingDeadBirds

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