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Friday, January 25, 2013

Strange DAY...

A strange what has turned out to be a strange Winter in a strange yea, what has probably been a STRANGE freaking life for me. Nothing seems to fit together in a typical sense...actually it NEVER fit together in any sense...detachment was not only the name of the was survival for those like is that simple, victory in this type of life simply means you survive.

And I did "simply survive"....much like a cockroach after some future nuclear war. Let us not EVER mistake Surviving for LIVING...

Hence the earth shattering gap faced by those folks who SURVIVE rape. That's right...our society often refers to them as "survivors" and yes, that is no doubt part of who and what we are. But to actually recover from rape we must do...we must BE more then a mere survivor.We must learn to LIVE again...and that is the daily challenge, each and every day for me since this happened nearly 40 years ago.

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