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Friday, January 25, 2013

I Haven't A CLUE, Mary Lou...

Early this most mornings I was writing a post for the blog. And as usual lately....It was not going very well because I had not slept at all the night before and the words were a big, alphabet MESS...a virtual home-made soup of loose ideas, runaway thoughts and visions of an apocalyptic future or was that my past?!

I basically posted the darn thing in the half-sleep that is my normal state of being these days and didn't think anything else about it. This too is RARE and negligent of me to just let something go out into big, bad world without being proof read or even double checked. Unfortunately in this exhausted state that is more the norm then the exception.

It turns out this little throw-away blurb from this morning was one of the most profound statements that I have ever made (and I have now made quite a few) about the aftermath of being raped. I was completely stunned by what I was reading in front of me. 

This little ditty on Survivors hit may square between the eyes: "And I did "simply survive"...much like a cockroach after some future nuclear war. Let us not EVER mistake Surviving for living..."

I simply can't believe that this came from the jumbled, sleep deprived mind and body that I have been living with these past several months. It just BLOWS my mind...

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