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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Springtime of a BLOG

My original idea for this blog had always been to try and capture  "a day in the life" of a person (namely ME) who is in recovery from addiction/alcoholism. I like many people recovering from addiction have used the One day at a Time approach breaking my life up into what i consider reasonable segments that weren't too overwhelming when I considered abstinence from booze and drugs. The basic rational being you could stay away from drinking or drugging for 24 hours if you had the proper physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual help and mind-set.

It seemed to me that even I could stop for one darn day.  And so I have going on almost 7 years now. But as one might suspect...there was way more to this story then just not drinking.

During the last 4 plus years of blogging I have uncovered many layers of memories, feelings and experiences that I had forgotten, chosen to ignore or just plain pushed out of my memory by the horror and shock of those experiences.

And the real kicker...I continued to uncover more and more detail about being raped as a boy by 3 grown men and how that had completely changed the kind of person that I was. Certainly I was always aware that this had happened to me but I had always minimized the effect it had on me.

As a result I have definitely come to the conclusion that Shell Shock Serenade is the story of LIFE...One Person's life to be sure bu "a life none the less. I would still continue to peel back the layers of the onion to expose the things that were hurting me or making it difficult to grow.

And that will continue to be my purpose here for as long as I can imagine.

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