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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Doc Grimm Visits Again

I have mentioned in the last few posts that we have had several friends die here in the last week and I just found out that another family friend in Chicago passed in his sleep last night. That's 4 in 6 days and it no longer even gives me the willy s...

I have become numb...uncomfortably numb to play off the title of the well know song from the Album: The Wall.The Grimm Reaper has become my Matey and we hang out together now. Most of the time he is a real good bloke...he is just a bit moody at times and he needs to spruce up his wardrobe some and lose the Scythe. It frightens people away though I always thought it was kind of cool to accessorize!.                                                                                                                                

I have a lot to write about but little time to do it at the moment...

I had a very strange yet enlightening experience last night that actually REALLY GOT MY ATTENTION. I stumbled on a full length Australian made movie about Aussie Miners on the Western Front in the Great is called: Beneath Hill 60. It was simply the best representation in my opinion of what those trenches were like in 1916...and it really sent me for an emotional roller coaster ride and I wanted to share the experience with Kim to let her know what I go through in my dreams each and every night....complete with being buried alive and major RAT encounters.                              

Anyhow, I shall sign off for now I as really need to eat...until we meet again on these pages.


  1. Oh man, I am sorry for your loss. There have been a few death in my social circle, over the Christmas period. Be strong.

  2. Thank You Ian, how thoughtful...I appreciate it.