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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Just when I think I have something all figured out, fate intervenes and I end up being incorrect. On Tuesdays I read at the Church for an hour each night and we are making our way through the Bible. This isn't a Bible Study, it's simply one person reading so all the others have to do is listen. Much like how they used to pass on the original manuscript  through oral histories.

I suspected we would not have anyone show up because yesterday was the churches Annual Meeting at 7p. I had wanted to cancel the whole meeting but as fate would have it I mis-communicated so it got in the bulletin that it was Tues. at 6p so i figured that is what God wants me to do. We had 2 new couples and it was one of the most gratifying af off sessions....I couldn't be more pleased.

it just goes to show you what i have been saying all along...that ultimately I have NO CLUE whats best for every ONE!

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