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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It Takes A Lifetime...One Minute At A Time!

Oddly, I feel wide awake and alert for a guy who has not had any real sleep since early Saturday morning. I had to drive up to Marshall Michigan late this morning and I was quite reluctant to undertake that drive but it ended up going well...meaning I didn't come close to falling asleep at the wheel! K's phone was at the Sprint Store (Yea, I live so far out in  Po-Dunk Stick Country that I have to drive 40 minutes to the nearest full service Sprint Store!) so I had a fairly long ride up there to go and pick it up for her while she tried to get a little sleep of her own.     

[Interestingly, I just now spent the last 20 minutes asleep on my keyboard so I guess I spoke to soon....]

The real reason that I have taken the time to mention this sleep issue in such detail is that often people think that when an addict/alcoholic gets sober, they go through a tough period of withdraw and re-adjustment but if they survive that...then everything is pretty cool. Most people do not realize that sobriety/recovery is a daily, life-long commitment. There is NO CURE for addiction. Just TREATMENT and the only known treatment that works that I know is total abstinence from booze & drugs combined with some serious spiritual, behavioral and life-style changes.

Some will disagree with this assessment but this is the only thing that has worked for me and countless other millions of recovering alcoholic/addicts. I have been clean and sober, enjoying a brand new lease on life for over 6 years now...that's pretty much all the convincing I need that this works.  

Unfortunately some folks will always want to find a their own, "better" way...I have just seen so many of them crash and burn (and often die) in the process that I just don't recommend going that route. But hey, like most things in is a choice! 

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