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Friday, December 7, 2012


Today being December 7, I have to say something about it being Pearl Harbor Day....

When I was a wee lad (or little boy if you prefer) it was common for people to commonly refer to this day frequently as Pearl Harbor Day. Every December 7th it would be the front page headline or printed at the very top of every newspaper, reported extensively about on television and just common knowledge. Sadly, today most people aren't really that aware of it or know nothing about Pearl Harbor and it's significance at all. 

There would have been a time that the thought that most Americans don't anything about World War Two would have been ludicrous...laughable. But today seems only a matter of time and people won't even know about the existence of the War. Not only do I find that fact totally unbelievable but I find it even more FRIGHTENING to say the least.

I believe what they say about forgetting our past...If we do then we are destined to repeat it. If we push what has happened in the world out of our collective memories, no only does it become possible that we could relive some of the horror of that War and Genocide against the Jews/Eastern Europeans and others but it becomes probable even likely.

I know, I know...I am just being another pro-war, scare-monger. Why don't you ask the survivors of the War and genocide in the former Yugoslavia in the early 1990's if Concentration Camps, Mass Murder/Rape and Ethnic Cleansing seems so far fetched to them. People...the roots of this hatred run deep (it usually does), in the case of Yugoslav Conflicts over 500 years DEEP! They sure as heck had not forgotten their hatred for each other. Hate is something people seem to  remember...

Let us not forget what has happened in our past...I do not believe it is too late for us to re-emphasize the importance of studying history and gleaning whatever important lessons we can learn from our past so God forbid, we do not have to repeat any part of it.

When I mentioned above, that time...not so long ago when I was but a boy, it was common for all my friends to know about WWII or The Civil War and at least be able to recall what happened and why. Today...the majority adults on the street, if asked would struggle to recall basic facts about World War Two...perhaps they have no clue who was even fighting each other in the War and WHY?

That really scares me....Ignorance is almost ALWAYS responsible for Hate Crimes and going to War. And collectively as a Country of people we are becoming increasingly ignorant of our past by the SECOND. Let's do our part today and Remember Pearl Harbor and what that event 71 years ago today meant not only for the United states...but the entire WORLD!

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