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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I am trying to get back to a place where I start the day off with a post. I really enjoyed beginning my day that way and the feedback from readers suggested that they did as well. The problem became one of adequate sleep or lack there-of. I became too tired to really put any effort into writing something worthwhile and I started to "force it" for the sake of posting something.

Nothing drags a blog down faster then contrived, un-interesting posts about nothing. And that is what I was dishing out. I also think I tried to hard when it can to ambition...I felt i had to post these large essays instead of just shooting a few relevant or observant sentences out for a  quick "jump-Start" to the day.

That will be the focus of these morning posts from here on out...

Today for example I continue to work toward developing a better, more comprehensive exercise program to lead off my morning. I have always just done whatever came to mind and there was no consistency or repetition. That changes starting this morning...

I also find it interesting that one of the outlets for my morning energy is to clean so i started my day mopping the wood floors in the house with Murphy's Oil Soap. Yea...I get excited about stuff being clean....go figure.

So we are going to try and lead each day with something on Shell Shock but I promise...only if there is something actually really there to write forcing stuff out just to "get it 

Off we go....

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