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Friday, December 28, 2012

Slipping Away

I've posted about this subject before but it has become such a major difficulty once again that I must say something about it or risk going absolutely BATTY! . I am once more going through a major period of being unable to sleep. I fall asleep very easily....the issue is I only sleep for 15 minutes or so then I can no longer get any sleep.

I am on my 11th straight day without any real sustained sleep to speak of. I will fall asleep at my desk, when I sit down to read the paper, behind the wheel of a car....I will nod off just about anywhere but I cannot sustain any real sleep. 

Most of the treatment recommended by physicians involves medication which I will not take. The spooky part is the two major medications that they recommend were both a big part of the suicide cocktail I created to kill myself along with narcotics and a slew of other sedatives, muscle relaxers and anti-anxiety meds. Needless to say I steer clear of those meds that were part of the COCKTAIL....they really mess with my head.

So I am just plugging along doing the best I can to be productive and not do anything dangerous or stupid. But the lack of sleep...the sheer exhaustion is taking it's toll and I feel as though I am losing grip on my sanity as each passing day....

More Later...

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