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Thursday, October 18, 2012

BATS & Heavy Weather

In a recent post "No More Mr Sunshine", I made the comment that unlike some people I know the weather does not seem to influence my mood. But there is something I didn't does seem like there are times where , like yesterday I felt gloomy, stormy inside and just nasty only to discover that the weather the FOLLOWING day is just that.

Well today is cold, gloomy, wet and windy just an awful day...just as I was feeling yesterday and continue to feel today! Coincidence? never knows now do they, tee hee!

I always call this HEAVY WEATHER....which to me applies to anything strong, dark and powerful...the really cool part are the big, towering clouds and a "winter sky". So I am just enjoying a little down time inside this afternoon after being outside all morning.

I started off the morning in a rather strange manner. I was out in the kitchen at midnight closing things down when it seemed like something whizzed by really freaked me out in the near darkness. Long story short it was a bat and I finally knocked it through the kitchen with a broom swung like a baseball bat (irony), stunned it, scooped it up with a dust bin and tossed it outside. Honestly though, the whole time I was expecting it to turn into Count Dracula...Now that would be just my luck, eh?!

So that was the start to my day...Insanity Rules!

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