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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Measuring Life By The (1/2) Century: Turning 50!

Jeez...I am approaching half a century in age...I'm not saying that it crept up on me or anything but my experience proves that time flies even when you are NOT having fun, haha!

People who know me know I typically don't get excited or really even celebrate my birthdays...I just never really have. But I will admit that this time I feel differently. Perhaps I am lightening up about it or just recognizing the achievement of living for half a century. Anyway it does seem weird to to be pushing 50 but the fact is I rather like it!


  1. Sounds awesome. Even if you don't celebrate the birthday, celebrate the change. Best wishes, dear friend.

    1. Thank You my friend, I appreciate your kind comment very much...

      But you know me...I can't just accept the change of turning 50...I have to EVALUATE, SPECULATE and REITERATE every aspect of it, if anything just for the heck of it, haha! But hey, now that I am a dottering old PHART of 50, I have the perfect excuse for my eccentricities!