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Friday, October 26, 2012

Close Door/Open Door = FREEDOM from Fear

Share my thoughts or feelings to others in some constructive manner, on a regular, everyday basis or continue down a path of self-destruction that I cannot stop. That was my dilemma 6 years ago that ultimately lead to the formation of this blog. It did not happen right in fact I first started to share my intimate thoughts and feelings with one person who I trusted and over time it developed into a way of life.

I made doubt. There were times I went too FAR and said way TOO MUCH and other times when I was still holding back and playing safe.

Chris....a blog buddy of mine wrote a piece today on her blog Ms Faustus about her thoughts on this subject and many is well worth the read.

And it certainly provoked thought on my part about how I went from someone who held everything close to the point of lying about it to "protect" myself to the guy who is as wide and open/honest about these things as I AM TODAY.

It has been an interesting journey to say the least....

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