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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Melancholy, Chocolate Chip.(Today's Special)

Melancholy seems to be my "Mood Flavor" of choice these days. I truly am in a funk at the moment and once I get to "THAT" place it seems that it gets increasingly more difficult to fight my way through it. The feelings and mood have a tendency to linger...

I started to watch the Presidential Debates last evening and as soon as they started the whole charade just turned me off. I simply could not watch it, it really turned my stomach almost from the moment it started. I realize that the person who debates (or bullies or laughs or mock's his opponent or is wittier, etc) is not necessarily the better person to be President nor does a "Victory" in a debate really mean anything at all in the final analysis. I think one possibly two debates is enough for the two men without letting it slip into this mud-slinging, dis-honesty contest it has become...I personally think it is disgraceful.

They even have a massive room adjacent to the debate sight called the "Spin Room" where each party can put the best light on what their candidate said and do their best to discredit what their opponent said. The word "spin" implies manipulating the truth so why should I feel good about any of this....The room should more appropriately be named: "The LIARS LOUNGE".

But the debate is not responsible for my mood...far from it. It has been a difficult two week period personally because of some continuing life issues with Kim and general difficulties that are taking their toll on me from the inside out. My spiritual well being has certainly been turned on it's ear and I no longer am feeling the daily peace that comes from experiencing serenity on a day to day basis. 

The responsibility for that lack of serenity is my own...I am trying to hold on and control situations that quite frankly can't be controlled by any person, regardless who they are. And I have pushed my Creator out of the equation on a daily other words I have no peace because I have upset the spiritual balance in my life by not praying and meditating as I have as a regular part of my daily life.

Awareness is a huge part of of finding a solution to the issue...because if you don't KNOW there is a problem and what that problem IS, you can'y very well fix can you?! So I am aware...and I understand how I got to this place with all the pressure and stress of the last few weeks. I need to get back to my daily routines and I suspect some balance will start creeping back in.

Today is a busy day so I'm off to see the WIZARD! Catch you later..

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