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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Coconut "No Cream For You!!" Pie Incident

This afternoon my parents took Kim and I out for my 50th Birthday Dinner at my favorite restaurant in the area, Caruso's. My actual birthday is Tuesday October 16th but they knew Kim worked evenings and wouldn't be able to go so we went tonight. It was great food (Italian/American, Steaks/Chops...good stuff). I always bring Kim here for her B-Day in the Spring. 

Normally I never complain about the place but their was some pretty freaky, weirdness going on. First it was busy and our server was basically overwhelmed.  You could tell so we were cool and gave her the benefit of the doubt, we weren't in any hurry. 

The first issue was Dad ordered Veal Parm and Kim ordered Chicken Parm...Like many people,Kim would prefer to not eat veal. The server switched them but Kim was not at the table when her food arrived so my dad dug in and never really thought about whether it was veal or chicken he was was good, he is nearly 83 yrs of age and he was hungry so he scarfed it down! 

Well Kim took a bite of her entree and knew right away it wasn't chicken under all the sauce, pasta and melted        cheese...we called the server over and oddly seemed to act like it was  "our problem" but clearly it was their fault so she had it re-made.

After we ate I was given a choice of free pie for my Birthday and Kim and Dad were too because of the order mix-up. So we all ordered the Coconut Cream Pie to take home. I went to the rest room and when I came back I was told that the waitress wouldn't put cream on the coconut CREAM pie because it would be too messy in the take home box.

Are you serious? Coconut NO CREAM PIE!!!? What kind of mucked up rationalization is that. We took it and ran because she had already taken forever to get this stuff straight so we made our own cream at home. What kind of server has the gall to call that shot in the first place. The cream is too MESSY...WHAAAA-The-Faaa? Your kidding because whipped cream is Messy!

Anyway that was my bizarre birthday Dinner dinner Happy "No Whipped Cream Allowed" Birthday to me...WAHOO!! 

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