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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blinders Or Beer Goggles

I can't really do or say anything today without mentioning that a very dear friend of mine is going into have a Heart Catheterization Procedure, probably as I write this or soon after. For reason's of privacy, he will remain nameless in this post but I am most certainly thinking about him this morning and my prayers go out to him and his family.

Do I have life issues today? Sure I do...I have worries, problems and obstacles to overcome just like anyone else yet those concerns start to pale in relation to the bigger picture. Neither Kim nor I are having a heart procedure done this morning and we have many positive things happening in our lives. 

I've written lately about feeling down because the weight of adversity feels particularly HEAVY these days and that is no IS heavy. We do have some big issues to deal with and major decisions to make over the next couple of weeks...stuff that will impact us for some time to come and may influence the rest of our lives. 

We are at a critical crossroads in our relationship...we know that and embrace that fact. Many people have commented to me about how much personal information I will often share here on Shell Shock Serenade and it is true....I rarely hold anything back...especially if that information could help someone. 

But I will be honest here...I am holding some info back here because much of this is very personal between Kim and I and often we have not been at our best and yes, it is embarrassing but we continue to learn and to grow.

I used to go through life with blinders (some would say BEER GOGGLES) on and only saw what I CHOSE to see. Today it is much different as I welcome the experiences of others and I pay attention because you will never know when a friend may have a need and let's face facts: helping people is how I learn and grow. It is also what keeps my sober because I believe that we must give it away (help others) to keep it (our sobriety). Time and own and the experiences of thousands of other recovering alcoholic's who have documented their journey from hopelessness to a new what ultimately turns the tide along with Faith..

So I will approach my day today with a confident gratitude and humility for this new life. Each new day in it is truly a gift for me. Is it borrowed time? No...I think not but you can never expect it...just accept it as it happens and that is how it works for me these days.

So I sign off with a silent prayer for my friend...may GOD wrap him in his arms and carry him through this adversity today and watch over his family as well.

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