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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Good morning folks! It looks like all people are talking, Face-Booking and tweeting about the debate last night. I wasn't too's all so forced and so predictable. Obama's got balls now because he showed a little passion...big deal. Let's see the passion in leadership but more importantly let's see some HONESTY, really from both guys. 

The Prez accuses Romney of playing politics with the Libya mess because he spoke up within a day demanding to know why the Prez and his Minions were spinning the "it was a spontaneous reaction because of a video thing". Perhaps he was right but he was playing politics, FROM THE WHITE HOUSE by implying it was a video and not a terror attack. He sent his UN Ambassador out to do 5 or 6 Sunday talks hows spinning that crap and then he himself did it in his own speech at the UN. That's not Fox News Take folks, it's mine, I have a freaking brain and I watched it.

And please don't tell me the President called this a Terror Act the next day in the Rose Garden as he and the freaking MODERATOR insisted last night. Listen to the whole speech objectively...he was using the word terror in general not specifically in reference to Benghazi. The Administration spent the next 2 weeks saying it was the video...that again isn't Fox News's FACT, check the facts by listening yourself not some NETWORK Fact Checker because they too LIE to protect their canidate.

So why would the White House and a President do such a thing? Yea, you got it...politics! He didn't want this BLEMISH on his record. He wants to pretend he rid the world of all terrorism. I love how he says "I got Bin Laden. You did? You did nothing any President wouldn't do then...when the military had a good idea they really had a chance...he made a decision...the right one and good for him for making it.

And hey, Romney in many ways is no better but I have already gone on record here many times...politicians LIE, distort or manipulate the truth and mislead...why? To get elected and get the POWER. That is just the way it is...neither one of these fellows his an evil man I don't believe but neither one is a Saint either. They want POWER that is why they subject themselves to this scrutiny.

This whole debate left me feeling sick mainly because it was not a debate. No both guys played politics and postured all night but hey...that is what they HAD to do. If anything I'd give Romney some credit...the majority of the questions were super soft balls for a Democrat...all woman's issues, immigration tough stuff for a Republican to answer honestly because it would not be popular with illegal immigrants and those minority bases. But Romney to his credit was honest...he said that there would be no amnesty...not a popular answer.

I also thought the moderator clearly favored the president actually stepping in to defend him on the Rose Garden Quote. I love the spin CNN (a news outlet I happen to like and watch among others) put on that quote again taking it out of context to protect their girl Candy Crawley...what a joke. And her behavior was way out of line...if that isn't bias I don'y know what is.

I know people on both sides of the isle won't like this post...FINE but I got a vote and what's left of a brain and some reason...I always decide for myself.

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