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Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Messed-Up Mind-Set

I am not quite sure what kind of a day this is or how it is going to turn out. I really haven't spent any time at all with Kim.....K is coming off a huge week of over-time and adjusting to 2nd shift hours (3p-1:30a)...they are supposed to work M-Th but are working mandatory Friday's and Saturday's as well...

We decided to to use the day to get caught up on chores, spend some time together and..... imagine this: enjoy it!

I used to be one of those people that truly felt guilty when I realized I was actually having fun and heaven forbid, enjoying myself. It's just messed up to work yourself into a mind-set where enjoying yourself is not OK yet that is exactly where I found myself. 

It has taken some time and really a huge change to the way I approach work and play yet I have noticed a significant reduction in stress and a much more enjoyable mind-set where I accept both work and play as natural. 

Big Deal you say? Well, for me it really was true!

Photo: KT

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