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Monday, August 13, 2012

Late Monday....

It is late Monday evening and I am doing a lot of thinking tonight. That can be both a positive and/or a negative thing. I was never one to be relaxed about my daily, I typically am one who stays really tuned into what's going on virtually by the minute. I just am wound kind of tight that way and prefer to hold things close to me. Sure I think that behavior was probably initially fueled by insecurity but now I think it has become a comfortable working method so I stick with it. 50 I don't want to change as much as I used to though I am still open minded therefore I am pretty reasonable about making change and accepting it necessary.

That (being open minded about change) is a minority position, I've noticed, among most human beings...haha! Most folks....regardless of their age really dislike....even HATE having to change the way they do things or the way things are. I really ran into that attitude and mind-set when I worked in production management for a world-class office furniture company. We were implementing and operating a Continuous Improvement System of Manufacturing based on Toyota's TPS (Toyota Production System)...this is a continuous change based philosophy. Change is encouraged therefore frequent and vigorous in this system and it took us more then 5 years to get the folks in the factory to accept that this is the way it's going to be. It was a very difficult transition for most people because they typically do not embrace change.

But eventually things worked out. My son is in the very same field today.

But those are the kind of things I have had on my mind this I am going to proceed with some difficult issues that exist in my world right now. Perhaps with out going into specifics I may include some discussion about those issues in a future post. But we'll have to deal with that at a later time. For tonight I am signing off and wishing all who are reading Shell Shock Serenade at this time, a very peaceful night...sweet dreams!

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