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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A New Leaf (Continued)

I've decided to follow up my short  "turning over a new leaf" post with a follow-up entry. 

Today...Tuesday August 7, 2012 is Election Day here in Michigan. It is strange but even when I was a young adult more interested in making music and partying then being responsible...I always took voting very seriously. I have always considered it a great privilege just to vote, PERIOD.

It is not a joke or an exaggeration: Good people died for MY right to VOTE. Yea that sounds like I'm playing up the dramatics and maybe I am, but so be it...mainly because it is TRUE...thousands have died for my right to vote and the right to live as a free person in this wonderful place we cal AMERICA.

I adore Europe, I have often thought of living in England or the Flanders region of France or Belgium. But neither one of those two favorite places of mine rate over the country of my origin. I belong works too well and besides...I still get to visit.

The election today is mainly noted for it's impact on local politics because the Sheriff and Judges are up for election. The rest is primary stuff or the November Elections. But I have some interest in both the local judges and the Sheriff and I truly enjoy exercising my right to vote. 

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