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Monday, August 6, 2012

Moan-Day, Moan-Day...

Sore Body Parts? Uh...YEP! Which one's you ask....the answer without exaggeration is: It seems to me like pretty much all of 'em, mate! It it really does, too...

I have used the description that I feel as if I have fallen out of a tree before and today is most certainly a "Fell out of a tree" kinda day. Knees, numb feet, ankles, elbows, back, neck, hands, wrist, name it...sore, swollen, generally a big bummer, really.

As crazy as it may seem though, since this is more the "norm" for me in life then the isn't that big of a deal in the bigger picture of things. But it has me thinking about something else though that is a huge concern for me these days...My daughter Chelsea and her back injury.

Unfortunately, Chels has back damage just like her father. We aren't exactly sure about the origin of her trouble but it is more then likely the result of some inherited physical pre-conditions like narrowing of the spine and weakened disks, tendons and bone structure leading to to the tendency to give out on her when she least expects it.

I am really concerned for her not just because I am her Dad but as someone who has lived with this I understand the debilitating pain that never seems to lesson or go away. I am innately familiar with the way one's mind begins to betray them, to trick and manipulate you into thinking it's OK when it isn't. It can be a can turn you completely inside out emotionally.

That is why the support of the people who love you is the most important weapon in the fight against this kind of pain and disability. That is why I am here to support her. To let her know that she is loved and cared for.

I just absolutely hate to see her dealing with this and in her late 29's as well. It is around the same age I started  to really have trouble as well and I too had a young (read toddlers!) children and was a single father part of that time. It breaks my heart really when I see and hear of her experiences the exact same things that I did oh so many years ago. What is the possible purpose in this one must wonder?      

Ultimately we never will know but accepting what it is will be the first step toward managing one's life while being held to the fire of pain and disability.      

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