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Friday, August 24, 2012

Tears Of Shattered Glass

It was very strange of me and totally unexpected. Early this morning I was online doing some blog-work as I often do in the wee hours of the day when the image of the woman with Cancer I posted in a blog-post Aileen popped up on my screen. There she was, obviously unconscious with her dog Jethro licking her face. I became overwhelmed by the sight of it and the thought:"Now that she has died...who is gonna take care of Jethro?" That realization and question just devastated me and I'm not sure why. But the thought of that poor dog going on without his owner broke my heart.

I know I'm intense...I know this subject (Cancer) pushes ALL of my emotional and psychological buttons yet I'm still shocked that I feel as moved as I do.I just feel a sense of abandonement for the dog.

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