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Friday, August 17, 2012

Hot Buttered Keyboard BOY

I'm all buttered up, with no place to go...except to my the freakin' Blog again! It's a rather interesting combo...A keyboard and hot buttered popcorn. It makes for a rather, slippery wicket, I'd say old CHUM!

Such is the "Wild & Crazy" Chaos of a Friday Night for this old War-Bird...I'm really burning the candle at both ends out, I'm living hard and fast on the razor's edge! I imagine given the right (or in my reality - the WRONG) set of circumstances I could probably still hold my own in staying out late and hanging out though I know now that it would be impossible for me to stay sober if I was out and about until the wee hours all the time. 

For me the whole point of staying out all night and raising hell was to get blasted in the partying and hanging out really  makes no sense at all to me without the "blown out of my mind" part....and I have absolutely NO DESIRE to go back to that life again, no freaking way!

But I digress....imagine that, little 'ole MOI has gotten a bit out of control! I'll leave it at that for now and move on to the shower...where I'm long over-due to rinse all the extra butter off of me....

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