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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lightening Fast

It is nearly 1am and the native's are restless tonight (I'm a bit sick to my stomach). I think I'm just a little tense tonight...I'm wound a little too tight and I think it's causing me some discomfort. I have a lot on my mind as well and unfortunately it is sensitive and private in nature...involving someone I am rather close to. So I can't in good conscience share whats on my mind....but it's troubling therefore taking up a great deal of "SPACE" in my head....Rent Free!

I don't obsess over such things as much as I use to but I still worry that I made a mistake or perhaps didn't do the right thing. Today I don't get as critical of others as I use to but I get much more critical of myself...I believe this a far more healthy and reasonable approach if only because I actually can control my reactions and/or behavior and with other people I cannot. I am totally powerless to change someone else.

So for me that is a much more positive way to go about my business....

Well it looks like the rain is letting up so I need to get my tired fanny outside and exercise.

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