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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Attitude: High Altitude FLYER MAN

Oh Man I have been getting up and moving WAAAAY to early in the morning...even for this guy! I was helping a friend early today (like 4:30a early!)  and I just sat down really for the first time at nearly 11a. I really feel pretty crappy physically, if truth be told. But somehow I feel really optimistic about things as well...that my friends is a significant change from past attitudes for me.

I do as a rule these days look on the "bright-side" of things almost automatically. Sure I can still be cynical and no one would mistake me for naive but at the same time I now like to give people and life...a fighting CHANCE. Tough, hard, difficult does not in any shape or form mean the same as way. If anything, overcoming hardship...rising to the occasion is the "sweetener" or "spice" of life...making it feel much more rewarding then it even actually is sometimes. That my friend is a bonus in this rough and tumble life we live and it costs but a mere change in attitude.

Not sure if I heard this somewhere or am just making this up... though I suspect I've heard it somewhere but anyway: They say a change in one's attitude leads directly to a corresponding change in ones ALTITUDE. In other words if you choose to think positively it will take you to a much "higher" (read: BETTER) place for exactly the same cost in effort. It 'tis corny, yes but in my experience it holds quite true. Perhaps because I am an extreme example...always thinking negatively, so dark, cynical and sarcastically that it just SEEMS like a drastic change...but frankly it is real and it is drastic if you ask me.

So that dear reader is my (positive) nugget of thought for the day! Let the power of positive attitude take you to a much higher PLACE today!

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