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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thinking It Through

After sharing last night that I have a rather difficult dilemma on my hands concerning some family related matters I spent some time thinking about how much simpler my life has gotten because I am now open and honest with people and typically have no need to cover up or lie about my true intentions.

It is true but that still doesn't guarantee that things will be better because there are still other people involved and they can behave any way they want to. But for the most part I have noticed that when I show up and act ethically and honestly...others tend to follow suite...or if they are anticipating a disagreement or confrontation, my more serene, rational manner has the tendency to deflate those kind of expectations and/or tensions.

The bottom line when it comes to my dealing with difficult decisions and coordinating complex, detailed plans with others is that I just need to keep it simple, honest and straight-forward. I have found that when I do have chaos or unexpected issues...inevitably in hindsight I will discover that I caused a lot of that stuff by how I originally handled it. 

I just have to continue to apply those lesson learned the hard way and things will continue to improve.

Lastly...the most difficult aspect of communicating and coordinating can be the difficult or demanding personalities of the other folks involved. I can very easily get annoyed and distracted from my course when dealing with someone who I find challenging.

Yesterday I had made some great progress moving forward on that particularly difficult decision I had to make...only to find out one of the people involved had asked a mutual friend to intervene with me to see if I could speed up the process up. Yep, I found that slightly annoying since I had until the 24th to answer but I let it the past I wouldn't have.

So today it is still a matter of just keeping it simple, leave emotion out of it if possible and keep moving forward.


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