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Thursday, August 16, 2012

It 'Tis Nothing Shocking

I was just thinking about this blog and my involvement in blogging. I wouldn't even know where to start listing the benefits that have come my way because I've written Shell Shock Serenade. The act of writing about the difficult and "un-touchable" stuff made that stuff suddenly TOUCHABLE for the first time in my life. Talking about being raped brought that event down out of the clouds of fear and mystery and made it real (too f++king real at times, frankly) but real and because it is real and touchable it can be DEALT with...again for the very first time in my life. That my PRICELESS. Painful...Oh YEA but Priceless.

I was thinking about some of the people that I "know" now because of "Shell Shock" and because I read their stuff online. People I know but don't know because I've never met them, never will...shoot in most cases I don't know what they look or even sound like. People like CHRIS at Chaos and Kairos who as far as I know is now visiting the States (she lives somewhere over seas)...she has been a reader and commentator of Shell Shock for quite a while. Her blog is fantastic and she just strikes me as being "good people".

There is SG or Spockgirl over at Spockgirl Musings who has been a reader pretty much since the beginning. She lives in Canada...I believe out Vancouver way but I am not certain of that and you know what? It doesn't really matter. Christine Macdonald has a blog by the same name...a fascinating individual and so cool too. What a story she has to tell. 

All of these writers are people I'm sure I would never have the opportunity to meet and certainly not have conversations about my most intimate troubles, secrets and nightmares. They have been the shoulder that I've cried on when no one else would or was around. In our own weird way Bloggers are there for each other...these ladies I've named are all people I consider part of my support network...people whose opinions I actively seek and trust just by posting on the is a strange and unusual dynamic but one that really works. And yea...I don't really know any of them...but in another way I know them very intimately....that my friends is the benefit of blogging. They have been great listeners and all have their own poignant stories to tell.

I can't even scratch the surface when thinking how invaluable my blog experience has been and it was something that just popped into my head as I was sitting here thinking. I suspect I'll give this topic some thought and see if something comes out of it. For now....supper time.



  1. Thank you, my friend. I'm sure I've let you know many times already how much I've learned and keep learning from your writing and your experiences. I know what you mean by invaluable blog experience, and I will keep reading.

    Have yourself a great day. Greetings from Maryland :)

    1. I knew you'd make wonderful! Welcome to America, my friend! Do I get the feeling that you may...stay awhile?!

      I suspect I'll elaborate further about this but one of the areas of this subject that just blows my mind is the wide variety of people from all over the entire world one can meet in a simple and easy manner. Take care, don't eat too many Crab Cakes...I know from personal experience that tequila shots, beer and scarfing down fresh Crab Cakes will not make for a pretty ending!