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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Alluding To A Problem That I Cannot Not Explain

Overall, I think I can be pretty decisive most of the time. There are occasions where that isn't always the case and it usually has something to do with an issue or experience from my past that causes me to pause and start to ponder things. Once I start thinking about stuff, weighing all the issues and angles...well I have a tendency to bog down. 

But that is not how I usually operate...NOPE, typically I move pretty quickly through all of life's various obstacles. That is why it can be incredibly frustrating when I do find myself having real trouble deciding what I should do in a certain situation. What makes this whole dilemma even m,ore frustrating is that I thought I had already had this figured out.

It is probably more then obvious at this point that I have a decision to make that is causing me some major is also probably obvious at this point that I am not going to go into specifics here but let's just say that whenever I run into a situation that has to do with my past and my family, It is more then likely that I am going to run into trouble.

On more then one occasion in the last two days I thought I had this whole thing figured out only to screw myself over with a bunch of  questions that can honestly never truly be answered and have to start the whole process over again. And so I find myself spinning endlessly around in circles at loss at times as to what to do and equally sure of myself at other times that I know what's best. 

Ach, what a mess...

PHOTO: Kathy Tomson

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