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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Fallen Brother

Life is a strange trip sometimes....

On one hand this weekend was all about my grandchildren for they were planning to visit  with their mum/dad on their way home from a vacation with my son-in-law's family. And the visit was great...those boys means the world to me and it is always nice to see my daughter, Chelsea.

But just as the visit was winding down I got news that a good friend of mine was critically injured in a motorcycle accident in Daytona FL where he was working as a truck driver for Easy Riders Entertainment. There are few things that baffle me more then good people who literally survive HELL in their LIVES only to find a new life and then die or get critically hurt in a fluke accident. Life often times seems much less then fair....

Details are a bit sketchy right now, Denny is expected to survive but he is in an induced coma, I presume to keep him calm and relaxed because his brain is swelling from the injury. It is a difficult time for friends because we can' even comfort him, talk to him. 

It is simply a time for God...For he will do HIS work, HIS way and in HIS time. What we CAN do is pray...and Denny my friend, there are lots of your friends praying for you tonight so hang in their my friend!

I personally am very close to Denny because we shared a very powerful spiritual moment together as he accepted the Lord and I was privileged to be there with him when it happened. What a privilege that was....

Needless to say, as experienced as I unfortunately am with the injury, death and dying of close friends from all my past experience...I am really shaken up by this turn of events in D's life. Of course no one EXPECTS this to happen....It just DOES.       

Ultimately...I trust that God has a plan though it may not be what I'd like it to be. But it can be hard not to ask WHY this kind of thing happens after he had come so  far. He has four grown sons who he is very close to and it just seems tragic that this occurs now when his life is full and healthy and so positive.

So tonight I pray for and think about my friend, Denny...I love you BROTHER.

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