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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Candidate STEW

As I sit here at my desk this evening, I can hear the TV in the living room down hall. It is tuned into 60 MINUTES which is entirely dedicated tonight to interviews with both Presidential Candidates. We still have nearly 6 weeks to go until Election Day and I am really getting tired of hearing about it. I'm full up of it and frankly the more I hear from either one of these guys the less I believe. I am not impressed.
I have made a point not to drag this blog into the political arena and tackle posts about the Election. I don't belong to a party, I never have belonged to one because I believe parties are for sheep...people who choose to follow the majority (party) blindly and would rather not risk thinking for themselves....I have always voted for who ever I thought was the best candidate...the most qualified in my opinion and the strongest leader.   

Neither fellow really jumps out at me as a true leader...they both come across as willing to say just about anything the people want to hear to get themselves elected and bring or keep their party in power...because it is all about power...not change, not for the people or to better the country but to gain POWER for themselves and their own. That frightens me...they both will willingly flip flop at the drop of a hat depending on who their particular audience is at that moment. That certainly affects the appearance of sincerity. I don't trust them or their party or our system in general anymore.

That is my first MINUTE Interview Reaction....more to come!

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