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Monday, September 10, 2012

Into The Swing...BALANCE

My challenge today is simple...try and get back into something at least closely resembling my daily routine...I can already tell it isn't gonna happen. But hey...let's roll with it right?

This summer I have had some commitments on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning that had really interfered with my volunteering at the nursing home and the bible reading ministry that we started about  a year and a half ago. I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing  again.

Interestingly...I never thought I'd ever catch myself saying this but I was also unable to attend church services on Sunday...something that quite frankly I missed terribly. Kim's ridiculous work schedule has now started to impact her ability to do some of these things but we will have to work through them. So I'll be doing a great deal of the reading ministry solo this year...that's cool I do the reading anyway it is just nice to have the company.

The reason I have gotten into this subject today is because I have noticed that with the summer routine changes I've mentioned above it has thrown the natural flow and balance of my life a bit out of whack. Service to others (really that is what all of this is about anyway...) is a vital part of my life in recovery...therefore vital to my life in general and my very existence really depends on maintaining this balance.                                    

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