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Friday, September 28, 2012

Somebody Is Looking Out For Her...

Something just happened over here that makes me think I have do a better job of keeping track of Kim. I think I've mentioned that her new job has  her working 6 -10 hour days: 3p until 1:30am (her regular hours are 4-10 hr days Monday through Thursday but she is working mandatory Friday/Saturdays as well)....she is pretty exhausted most of the time but really likes the job.

Well she didn't have to work OT this weekend so she has been hanging out with me and it has be a nice weekend but a little strange because she is often still so exhausted. For example it's 10 pm and my Mum was getting ready for bed. Kim kept telling her she was leaving to go home and I literally heard her head out the door. I went and got her and asked where going and she said it was already morning and she had to get home to sleep to go to work! She has no clue what day it is.

So yea...she needs the $$ the Over-Time would bring but she needs the R&R even more so somebody UPSTAIRS is looking out for her!

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