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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Adjusting again!

I don't know why this is but every time in my life, especially recently.....I try to make some changes in my eating habits, exercise and lifestyle to be healthier I end up get sick. It never fails fails.

About 7 weeks ago I started to make some changes and have stuck with it through my son's wedding up until now. I feel good about it and can honestly say I haven' really had too much of a struggle and I feel better which is always great motivation.

But I am convinced now that my body thrives on un-healthy situations...crowded smoke-filled taverns, drug and alcohol abuse, over-eating...jeez whenever I get healthy I'm running a high fever, have bronchial issues, can't breath and a terrible cough.

I think I just got so used to the toxic state of being that was my norm that my body now rebels at healthy situations...ironic, I know!

Anyway...still trying to get used to the Fall change of schedule and going back to church early Sunday mornings which in all honesty was something I really missed. 

So off we go, we shall have more to say later....


  1. That sounds like me when my mind&body seem to reject TLC. It's bound to go away soon, so better not get used to it :)

    Or it could be detoxing, only on a larger scale. The bad needs to come out so that there is more room for the good.

    O-or, it could be that the healthy habit pattern you have chosen just doesn't agree with you and you need to take on a different approach. Some people spend a lifetime trying to find a diet (the regular kind, not the weight-loss kind) that works for them, or an exercise regime that actually helps them feel better and not worse.

    1. C- Any one of those could be it though I suspect it happens to be more of a detoxing thing from the way I feel because initially all was quite good. I do Know that any change related to my body has consequences after I have gotten sober so there is an adjustment's just that this one is rather unusual in it's timing so it got my attention...

      How is your adjustment going friend? Good I hope....

    2. I won't lie to you, my own adjustment hasn't been easy. I was jet-lagged and loopy for a week, but after that I actually had to force myself to get out of bed and do my PhD work. I know signs of depression when I see them, and I'm trying not to let it get to me. I'd rather be grumpy but constructive :)

      From what I've read on your blog all this time, you are in tune with yourself and know yourself very well. Your mind and body have been through extremes in your lifetime, and it wouldn't be surprising if this was, indeed, detox. Just keep listening in and do what your body tells you it needs.

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