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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We Are At War Folks... Better Start Acting Like IT!

I will warn the reader right now...the topic of this post is WAR and the pictures are GRIM and disturbing as is WAR. 

I don't see how this administration doesn't get the fact that we are at WAR. They pretend knocking off bin Laden somehow validates them and their behavior yet they look at that action like it was a video game they played and won wiith their buddies. They immediately told the world about it putting SEALS and countless other operatives fighting Al Qaeda in grave danger as well as limiting the Intel we took from bin Laden's compound.They are still bragging it up and putting countless US Special Forces Soldiers in danger as they do it. 

This is NO game Mr President, literally the survival of civilization as we know it.could rest of the outcome of this war. Is Sharia Law what we really want to see imposed on our people? This is a War to the death....they will never surrender as they (the Radical Muslim Leaders) have an endless supply of woman and children "belivers" who will obey unconditionally and blow themselves up in the place of their cowardly leaders. It is a fact that Osama bib Laden had a fully loaded AK47 and ammo plus other firearms WITHIN reach and made no move to fight for himself or two of his wives in the room with him. He died a coward that he was...there was no one left to take the bullets for him...

Now our Embassy in Cairo, Egypt is attacked and we start to officially APOLOGIZE for offending Muslim sensibilities? They essentially attacked US Soil (all Embassies are considered US territory) tore down the American flag and replaced it with one similar to the flag of Al Qaeda and our original official response is to APOLOGIZE? HUH..Apologize?!!!!

I believe that misguided reaction lead directly to the DEATH today of Christopher Stevens (whose body is paraded around by his attackers, above and in better times below) our Ambassador to Libya. They tested our reaction yesterday and acted today...because they saw that our Government is WEAK and our President is the appeasing re-incarnation of Neville Chamberlain

What a dangerous path to take Mr President...more Americans, more people in general will DIE as a result of apologetic appeasement policies such as yours just like they did as a result of British Prime Minister Chamberlain's Policies in the 1930's...history MORE then validates that for us: For starters...Ask the GHOSTS of 6 Million JEWS....some are pictured below. Not to mention countless millions of soldiers on both sides who died in that War...

Stop talking about the War on Terror being will NEVER be over folks as long as radical Muslims HATE NON-Muslims...there is too much hatred in this world and if you are not Muslim, well you are the ENEMY plain and simple....and they want ALL Non-Muslims, Infidels DEAD.

That is not prejudice on my part...listen to them is their own goal and desire to Kill is demanded of them by their beliefs and they have killed countless numbers of people and will continue to do so until they themselves are DEAD. It is WAR...not JUST a War on Terror...NO, this is a WAR for SURVIVAL of civilization as we know it!

This is a dangerous world we live will not change just because we "start being Nice"...that is INSANE to even contemplate but I swear some people literally believe that if we are nice to the Taliban or Al Qaeda, they will reciprocate and change their hateful killing and violent ways which is preposterous. Every time our Country appeases, let's their guard down or makes themselves vulnerable....Muslim Extremists KILL US. Wake up folks. 

I have not chosen to speak on this Election or post stuff about it because I typically avoid politics in my really isn't my thing to rattle on about politics though I have very strong opinions on certain issues. I am an independent and tend to keep my choices to myself. I truly think both candidates are liars and basically tell us what we want to hear so we basically have to pick the lesser of two EVILS in this election as we've had to do now going back to 1992.  

But there are several Democrats I have that are FaceBook Friends that repeatedly are calling people stupid who would vote for a Republican on my FaceBook. Well I say your stupid if you support APPEASEMENT Of Terrorists HATERS hiding behind their RELIGION as well as their woman and children. Who would put a suicide VEST on a CHILD and detonated it? Answer: Al Qaeda and the Taliban BOTH HAVE.

I just don't understand how seemingly intelligent people (One is a retired Law Professor from Indiana University) don't comprehend that this WAR. WE must stop the appeasement and respond appropriately right now. It is the only answer and language the people who want us DEAD will understand.

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