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Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Little Piece...

I pretty much keep my political opinions to myself. I don't want to argue and debate with people who are less intelligent then they think they are and way to emotional about this stuff they truly do NOT understand. I do my talking on election day...

But I have tuned into the major speeches at each of the Conventions and tonight is no different. Currently VP Joe Biden is speaking and for the life of me I cannot understand why they let him on the air. He is a horrible speaker and his delivery actually DRIVES people does NOT reel them in! He truly comes across as COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY clueless and it begs the much did he have to pay and to whom to secure a  Senate Seat. He is AT BEST...A FOOL.

The President speaks here in a few minutes and this should be a classic. Love him or hate him, President Obama is an excellent public speaker and quite frankly his political future absolutely depends on this speech. He cannot win the election tonight but a bumbling, unfocused failure of a speech could cost him the election.

I watched the Ryan and Romney speeches last week and I think they both were effective as far as their Party was concerned. I think the Dems came close to matching Ryan's powerful comments by rolling out Bill Clinton. Clinton is still an extremely effective politician and public speaker. I would suspect Obama to out-speak Romney but you never know.

Anyway the Presidents intro has started so I'm gonna go...

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