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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Super Duper Grandpa Man!

I am now home on the island again after spending the weekend in the Holland, MI area for the wedding of my son Ian to his longtime girlfriend Ellie. It was beautiful and went as well as weddings can go.

A wonderful aspect of weddings like this is they are gathering points for families and for me that means my kids, in this case my daughter Chelsea who lives in Easley, SC outside of Greenville and my Grandsons, Mason and Maddox.

In addition to being the grooms Dad...I was SUPER DUPER GRANDPA THOM and I loved every single minute of it. In October I will turn 50 years old and I just love being a grandpa at such a young age. What I find even cooler is that Kim who is a decade younger then I am ADORES being Grandma Kim and the boys just adore her right back.    

We got to spend some time alone with the boys back at the hotel last night. We took them home after dinner at the reception so my daughter Chelsea could spend some quality time with Joel. I have a sneaking suspicion that they probably appreciated it...

I held my own with those two little rascals but man do they have ENERGY to burn!

What fun and such an amazing treat to be a grandfather and feel such an amazing connection to those adorable little boys. I miss them terribly when we are apart. They will be spending most of the week visiting other Michigan relatives then they will stop here on their way home for a day.  Even though it's a short visit I cannot wait until the end of the week!


  1. We most certainly did enjoy some time just being a married couple at the wedding. We never get babysitters or anything like that. We're a super close little family but once in a while its nice to just be together as a couple, just Joel and Chelsea and not always mom and dad, so thank you for the few hours. I think everyone of us, especially the boys got exactly what we needed :-) the boys are already talking about "grandpa Thom's" house and were incredibly sad to leave both you and grandma Kim. But we'll have a great time "up north" and we'll see you in a few days! Love you!

    1. That is one reason I wished we lived nearby, we are happy to have the boys and give the two of you an opportunity to just be: "Chelsea and Joel". Can't wait to see you this D