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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We Begin Again

Well I am feeling about half brain-dead at the moment but that is what I get, I suppose after a solid 2 hour nap! Needless to say I will take it and just have to shake off the sleep with a hot shower and some coffee. 

We start the Bible Reading/Listening Ministry tonight at my church, which was shut down for the later part of the summer. I am stoked because I love to read aloud and this is just the perfect opportunity to do so. After doing it several times a week for nearly a year, not doing it for 7 weeks really left a void but I think it was good to step back and BREATHE.

It was a strange summer because almost all at once most of the extra-curricular things I was doing were stopped for the season or in a few cases, permanently. I had to shift gears and now I find things beginning to pick up again. I even had a Sunday morning commitment that prevented me from attending church. 

And that could have been a real could have been easy to just not go anymore but what I discovered was that I need and enjoy that time on Sunday mornings. It was not a hassle or a burden...far from was and always has been a time each week where I kind of re-charged my batteries through fellowship and contact with my spiritual family. Most surprisingly to me...not one person gave me grief for not attending when they understood the circumstances, which happen to be one of the few things so private, I will not discuss them publicly on the blog.

I am a fairly routine based person so once I have established a good, comfortable pattern...I really get used to having things stay a certain way. Rarely does that work for long, though the way life continues to ebb and flow. Now I get to start some things over and I am excited to get to read the bible again tonight. 

So I am going to close and we'll be back perhaps this evening to cover how it all went.... 

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